Interactive Realtime Reporting

Interactive realtime is a stenographic process in which the court reporter is connected to an attorney’s laptop or iPad and can view the testimony as it is written verbatim by the reporter in real time.  Along with this feature, many management tools can be utilized to make notes, annotations, perform searches, create reports – all while the deposition is in progress.  If there is a passage you hear during the deposition that you would like to review or read later, it is as simple as hitting the spacebar to highlight that area of testimony.  Whether your platform is LiveNote, Summation, CaseView, Bridge or Transcript Manager Pro, we will assist you in making this connection so you can be up and running in no time. 


We can arrange for an interpreter to be present at a deposition or to translate legal documents.  We recognize the importance of accuracy when we produce transcripts and videos, and will only hire the best translators to meet your individual needs.

Online Repository

As a client of Paszkiewicz Court Reporting, you have full access to our online repository.  This secure and convenient repository is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and contains your deposition transcripts and exhibits.  Many additional features are included at no charge.

Digital Videography

Sometimes the way something reads on paper does not effectively convey the demeanor and attitude of a witness.  In these cases, it is crucial that a deposition be videotaped so it can be viewed by a jury or a judge.  We use state-of-the-art equipment, and when possible, a Certified Legal Video Specialist.  The care we take in setting up and reporting a deposition is also evident with our selection of videographers all the way through to final production in your choice of formats.  We provide video services for:  depositions, day-in-the-life, on-site inspections and courtroom playback, to name a few.  Other services offered are editing and transcript synchronization.  When a transcript is synchronized, it allows the jury to view a videotaped witness side by side with his or her deposition transcript.  This is also an efficient way to search for and pull out video clips instantly!  Call us, and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Scanned Exhibits

We provide scanning and imaging for all your needs.  These scans are provided via a CD, DVD or on the free online repository. 

Nationwide Scheduling

With our nationwide network of professional reporters and videographers, we are able to handle the details of getting a deposition booked anywhere in the U.S.  Call our scheduling department to discuss your needs.

Linked Exhibits

A linked exhibit is one that is highlighted as a hyperlink in the transcript.  By clicking on the hyperlink, the scanned exhibit opens for viewing next to the transcript.  As an example, if Exhibit 5 is linked, it is highlighted as a hyperlink wherever it is noted throughout the transcript. 

Deposition Attendance by Phone

With business travel costs and workloads ever increasing, Paszkiewicz Court Reporting is pleased to offer the option of appearing at depositions via phone.  Simply call the number provided upon registration at our website or provided with your deposition notice and key in the assigned code to get connected.  Our reporter will then be happy to confirm your appearance. 

Rough Drafts

For a number of reasons -- a hearing, a motion, continuation of proceedings, or just to refresh memory -- frequently you will need quick access to testimony before a final transcript is produced.  In this case, Paszkiewicz court reporters have the ability to provide a rough draft soon after a deposition is completed.  Just let your reporter know when you would like to receive the rough draft and your request will be accommodated.

Daily Copy

Under a crunch because your client’s trial is tomorrow?  Is the deposition continuing tomorrow and you want a final transcript of today’s testimony?  Paszkiewicz reporters can provide a final transcript by the close of business or early the following morning to keep your schedule running smoothly and have you prepared for whatever comes next.  Just let us know!